Did you always wanted to be a hero? Now it’s time to show all your skills! End a world full of viruses. Destroy them with your fingertip by splitting them in half. 

Prepair for an invasion of viruses that try to dominate your space. Destroy the viruses in the correct order to get the multiplier bonus. The goal is to reach the highest score of the world.

Virus Splitter trailer

Viruses try to dominate your space

  Each 3 seconds, a big red virus will spawn somewhere on your screen. Try to destroy the virus with your fingertips by swiping over it. They will split in 2 smaller viruses.

There are 3 types of viruses:

  • Red Virus – contains 2 green viruses
  • Green Virus – contains 2 purple viruses
  • Purple Virus.

Try to make a pair of  7 viruses. One red virus, 2 green viruses and 4 purple ones in that order to get a higher multiplier.

More points per hit after succesfull combinations

Your goal is trying to reach the highest score in the world! Get a multiplier by destroying a full family of 7 viruses.

Each hit is worth 1 point without any multiplier. The higher your multiplier is, the more points you get for single hits!

The multiplier will last for 10 seconds. Your multiplier starts counting again if you make a new combo within that particular time.

Focus on making many points after a combo (when your multiplier starts counting again) by hitting single viruses. 

The current points will be added to the overall points

  When you are quiting the game, your points will be saved to the cloud and added up to the points you already earned.

Open the leaderboard to see what score you have and compare it with other players.

The score which is shown on the leaderboards is the overall score

Try to reach the highest overall score to dominate the world of viruses!

For both Android OS and Mac iOS available

 At the start of our journey we produced games for Androis OS devices only. For several reasons we decided to concentrate more on the quality of our products rather then developing the games for OS.

Once we put enough time in developing these games, we start thinking about Mac OS games. After a 4 year period we began to do so.

For now we have 4 out of our 6 games running on the Appstore:

  • Ghust Hunter
  • Blockhead Survival
  • Bricktopia
  • Virus Splitter


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