Since the start of 2Qonstruct, we’ve seen and spoken with a lot of people. Some of them gave us many support since the beginning. We would like to thank them, and support them back. 

For the partners who spend time and effort to help us grow the community, we’ve created a page to show more information about these companies.


Voxel Busters

  Voxel Busters Interactive is a game development studio based in India. They are game and software developers that give users great support. You can always knock on the door for some advise.

Thanks for all the effort you brought us. Hopefully we can stay in contact for the upcoming periods.


  Freeappsforme is a very handy review website, with a bunch of free apps for your mobile device and an easy way to download apps for Android, Mac and Windows.

They reviewed our game “Ghost Hunter” on their website. Curious about what they wrote? Here is the link to the review on freeappsforme

Thank you very much for the review!

For more information about freeappsforme, click on the link below


Akhil’s Entertainments

  A rising star in the world of paranormal activities! First Paranormal Investigating channel in Youtube Malayalam.

Akhil’s Entertainments promoted Ghost Hunter. He made a video while playing our game Ghost Hunter. He clearly liked it alot!

We would like to thank Akhil for good partnership so far! Maybe we’ll meet again. is a comparison site of cd keys, we compare game cd keys prices. At GamesKeys, you can also find walkthroughs and reviews of games. chose our game Ghost Hunter as the best underrated arcade game at the moment.

Thanks for all your support!

For both Android OS and Mac iOS available

  At the start of our journey we produced games for Androis OS devices only. For several reasons we decided to concentrate more on the quality of our products rather then developing the games for OS.

  Once we put enough time in developing these games, we start thinking about Mac OS games. After a 4 year period we began to do so.

For now we have 4 out of our 6 games running on the Appstore:

  • Ghust Hunter
  • Blockhead Survival
  • Bricktopia
  • Virus Splitter

Social Media

  We are trying to focus more on our community.  By leaving a comment and a follow on our socials, you’ll help us to reach more potential players, who probably like to play our games as well.  Join our community and help us solving bugs, sharing our games spreading the name. Win free PRO versions for all of our games by doing so.