Ghosts get inflicted by the light, but you have to hold tight. Keep them in your sight and make them fade at night!

With the unique lighting of the flashlight, you will be able see all the ghosts in front of you and fade them.
Including campaign and survival levels. With the different kind of ghosts in the campaign mode you can’t just fade them away that easy. Ghost Hunter is easy to play, but hard to master.

Ghost Hunter has an unique movement system consisting twin joysticks, one for moving and one for turning, makes it easy to walk around and lure the ghosts in the light.

Ghost Hunter trailer

Let’s start with Campaign mode

All levels are shown on the map scroll. The map tells you how far you’ve climbed the ladder so far. Press the pulsing level and start the game. Earn at least one star to unlock the next level. The scroll reaches till level 30.

But for some levels, you’ll need a required amount of stars to enter.

Amount of stars needed to unlock these levels:
– Level 11 requires 15 stars
– Level 21 requires 40 stars
– Level 30 requires 87 stars

After a while you’ll notice that it becomes harder to get 3 stars. Level 30 can be entered after finishing all previous levels with 3 stars.
So, sometimes a player have to retry the same level over again and over again to achieve 3 stars. More levels will be added to the scroll in the future.

Working with joysticks in different axis

The player will have 5 seconds to prepare itself in the beginning of each level. Face the ghosts to fend them off. There are 2 different joysticks on the bottom of the screen as seen underneath here:

 Turning – Rotate around the axis of the character.
 Moving – Walk forward or backwards with the character.

We created an option to change the joysticks (for left handed people). Swap the domination in Main menu -> Settings -> Domination.

What lives do, and how it works

Lives are getting regeneraded. It generates 1 life every 15 minutes with a total amount of 10 lives. (5 minutes for PRO version owners) It will cost 1 life when a player starts a level.
Survival mode doesn’t cost a life.
You can also earn some lives bij watching some advertisement videos:

Free lives – Get maximal 3 lives for free per day.


There are different ghosts. What can I expect from them?

Ghosts are coming to get you, unless you fend them off. There are five different ghosts that your character can face. Each ghost has it’s own strength. Their powers are shown in a table underneath here:

Requirements Level 1+
Target fading time 1 Second
Damage delt 10 Damge per second
Size Normal Size
Speed Normal Speed
Draining power NO

Requirements Level 6+
Target fading time 1 Second
Damage delt 5 Damge per second
Size Normal Size
Speed Normal Speed
Draining power 5 Drainage per second

Requirements Level 11+
Target fading time 1 Second
Damage delt 10 Damge per second
Size Normal Size
Speed X 1.5 
Draining power NO

Requirements Level 21+
Target fading time 3 Second
Damage delt 20 Damge per second
Size Bigger
Speed X 1.25
Draining power NO

Requirements Level 5+
Target fading time 5 Second
Damage delt 50 Damge per second
Size Biggest
Speed X 1.5
Draining power NO

Back to survival again. I’ts time to pick up some stuff,

After each round, a MEDIC-kit together with a Battery-pack will appear.
When both items are taken, next level will begin.
Items you found during the waves:

 MEDIC-kit – Spawns at the end of each round and will refill your health.
 Battery-pack – Spawns at the end of each round and will charge some of your battery power.
 Present – Spawns uncommonly by killing ghosts, with 3 different kind of specialitys, but will run out of time and will disappear in a short while.


Presents come in handy. The special is active for 10 seconds

Present can make your gameplay more fun. Once every 100 ghosts contain such a present. A present will spawn on the floor after lighting one who contained it.
Don’t wait to long, because it will disappear after a while.

Types of presents:
– Run twice as fast
– Turn the lights on. No ghost will survive this
– Red glowing spotlight, for instandly destroying ghosts

Each special lasts just for 10 seconds.
The more ghosts will spawn, the more ofter you get a present.

How can I earn coins?

After each level, the Boss Ghost takes more and more time to light it. When you succesfully light the Boss Ghost, there is a 10% chance of giving 10 credits.
If you are that lucky, it will add an additional 10 credits to your creditpile.

After finishing each level you will receive an ‘X’ amount of coins.
The amount of credits depends on what level you reached.

Upgrade your character by spending coins to become quicker

Upgrades play an important part of this game. This means that the diffrence to reach the top is easier by upgrading your character to the highest level.

There are 4 specific upgrades:
– Health
The more health, the more hits you can take
– Battery strength
The more battery strength, the longer your light will shine
– Walking speed
The faster you walk, the easier you get away by the ghosts
– Turning speed
The faster you turn, the easier to make fast corners

Save your credits for the specific upgrades.
Each upgrade is getting more expensive.
The upgrades are automatically saved on your device.

For both Android OS and Mac iOS available

 At the start of our journey we produced games for Androis OS devices only. For several reasons we decided to concentrate more on the quality of our products rather then developing the games for OS.

Once we put enough time in developing these games, we start thinking about Mac OS games. After a 4 year period we began to do so.

For now we have 4 out of our 6 games running on the Appstore:

  • Ghust Hunter
  • Blockhead Survival
  • Bricktopia
  • Virus Splitter


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