Don’t get eliminated by the zombies!

  Blockhead Survival is a 3D survival game. Try to erase the zombies before they eliminate you. Keep enough distance from the zombies and lure them in to traps!

Every following wave will be a lot harder to survive. More zombies being spawned each wave, and they are getting faster. Earn coins by surviving waves to unlock stronger characters. Now it’s time to reach a better highscore!

Blockhead Survival trailer

Choose one of the characters. Survive longer by using a more improved character

Blockhead Survival has 14 different characters to play with. The first character is already unlocked, but a more skilled character will cost some coins.
An expensive character survives longer due the hitpoints and stamina.

Every character has its own maximum Damage per hit. A better character survives longer with the same amount of bullets. Spare as much ammunition to reach the best highscore!

About the zombies, keep an eye on them!

Zombies spawn on several locations, and they will hunt for you. Try to defeat them before they defeat you! There are three different kinds of zombies.

Normal zombie :
100 hit points and will be faster each wave. Does 10 damage per second (each wave, except Boss waves)
Suicide zombie :
75 hit points and will destroy itself as he is near you. Does 100 damage (even waves, except Boss waves)
Boss zombie :
1125 hit points, and will be getting half more hit points after each 5 waves . Does 50 damage per second.

The zombies become faster after each wave.

Refillers help to increase teh length of your stint. Keep an eye on them

There are 3 different kinds of refillers:
Stamina: Be aware of your stamina. It slows down your movement speed, every 10 seconds. Refill your stamina after each wave (shown on the minimap) to keep your movement speed steady. Respawns after each wave.

Ammunition: Spare as much ammunition as possible to survive long enough to set a great highscore. There are several ammunition spawn points (shown on the minimap). Take ammunition at wave 10, 12, 14, 16 etc.

Medic-kit: When low on Hitpoints, take a first aid kid (shown on the minimap) to refill it. Take in wave 10, 12, 14, 16 etc




The minimap is an important tool. Locate your targets an refills

The minimap is very handy to find refills and zombies.
After each next wave, you’ll find directly where to go to.

There are three different kinds of zombies, 3 different kinds of refills and the character that you play with, that can be shown on the minimap. It’s shown underneath here:  

 Current Player 
  Normal Zombie
  Suicide Zombie
   Boss Zombie   


Each weapon had its own strength. Try to use them all to spare bullits

There are 5 types of weapons :

  1.  Pistol – Single shot weapon, single trigger
  2.   Shotgun – Triple shot weapon (Burst), single trigger
  3.  Assault rifle – Multiple shot weapon
  4.   C4 –  Explodes on command

We added new physics to the game. Single bullet animation, slower rotation speed, raining empty shells while firing a weapon, reloading weapons takes more time and exploisions from C4 & Grenades.

Can I try again? A second chance to proof your skills

The game is over when you are out of hitpoints, but there is always a second chance for everyone.

Therfor, watching a video is the only way to resume the gameplay. (the PRO version doesn’t contain videos)

Continue the game by pressing the “Go” button. Go for it!
You are invincible for 5 seconds to run away.

The game will be definitely over if your hitpoints hit the zero again.
Your score will be submitted. Even if you quit the game.

For both Android OS and Mac iOS available

 At the start of our journey we produced games for Androis OS devices only. For several reasons we decided to concentrate more on the quality of our products rather then developing the games for OS.

Once we put enough time in developing these games, we start thinking about Mac OS games. After a 4 year period we began to do so.

For now we have 4 out of our 6 games running on the Appstore:

  • Ghust Hunter
  • Blockhead Survival
  • Bricktopia
  • Virus Splitter


Social Media

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