It’s a bird game from a new perspective. Move the bird by angleing your device a bit. Fly between the pillars to extend the stint. Try to maximize your highscore.

Do you have the patience and concentration to become the best survivour? This game puts your awareness to the test. It is all about the hand-eye coordination. Try it out!

Bird Angular trailer

How to move the bird? No hate, just rotate

The bird has a constant speed with up and down movement by rotating your device. By rotating your device to the right, the bird goes downwards. By rotating your device to the left, the bird goes upwards.

The more you angle your device, the more rotation has been given to the bird.

Follow the random track, see for yourself

Fly between the wooden pillars to get one point. The longer you survive, the higher your score will be.

Beat your friends and show them who has the highest points, and maybe even worldwide!

Collect the stars. They will be worth it

Stars are the pay method of the game. They can be collected by flying between the pillars throughout the game.

They can also be earned by watching advertisements, found in the main menu.


Are there more birds? It’s time for some optical changes

It is possible to unlock new visuals for birds with the collected stars you own.

These birds contain optical changes, so that means it’ll not improve the bird by reaching a higher score.

Back to survival again. I’ts time to pick up some stuff

If you fail to pass the pillars, you can extend your run for 1 more time. The reset time is three seconds, to take you back in the run.

So don’t hesitate to long! The high score will be automatically be uploaded to your GooglePlay and App Store account.


For both Android OS and Mac iOS available

 At the start of our journey we produced games for Androis OS devices only. For several reasons we decided to concentrate more on the quality of our products rather then developing the games for OS.

Once we put enough time in developing these games, we start thinking about Mac OS games. After a 4 year period we began to do so.

For now we have 4 out of our 6 games running on the Appstore:

  • Ghust Hunter
  • Blockhead Survival
  • Bricktopia
  • Virus Splitter


Social Media

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